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Louis Fabre – “Most trusted name in mental health” 2019-2020

San Antonio, TX – Louis Fabre MD, PhD, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as the Most Trusted Name in Mental Health for his work in developing most of the psychiatric drugs from 1970 to 2000. Leading an impressive career for over five decades, Dr. Fabre is one of the top psychiatrists in the U.S. Early in his career, he was told he had to be an expert, elaborating, “You have to see patients, go to conferences, give lectures, teach others, develop new drugs, and recognize new untreated conditions.” ‘So called experts’ are one of his pet peeves; doctors who have not seen a patient in years. Dr. Fabre does not fall into this category.

Dr. Fabre remains active clinically and in direct care. Over the last thirty years, he has studied twenty-nine psychiatric drugs. Of these, twenty-six have been approved in the US and/or globally, including Prozac and Xanax. After this, almost every new psychiatric drug was sent to him first.

Throughout his career, Dr. Fabre specialized in mood disorders, including depression and psychosis. He did Phase I, first time in man studies, phase 2, proof of concept studies and phase 3, registration studies. Often his job consisted of writing the protocols and outlining the entire development program.

An academic scholar, Dr. Fabre received his PhD from Case Western Reserve University in 1966 and his MD from Baylor College in 1969. Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Dr. Fabre completed his Psychiatric Residency at Baylor Affiliated Hospitals.

From 1974 to 2005, Dr. Fabre was the Owner and President of Research Testing Inc. Since 1992, he has been Chairman of the Board for Fabre Kramer Pharmaceuticals Inc.

The author of several patents; Dr. Fabre has published almost two hundred scientific papers. A recent paper on Sexual Dysfunction in Women was dubbed one of the top 2% of all papers written. On top of these accomplishments, he has given over 1000 speeches and taught at all university levels.

Currently, Dr. Fabre is a practicing Psychiatrist at Alamo Mental Health Group in San Antonio. He sees about 150 patients a week. He is working on new concepts in the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder and major depression.

A seasoned pilot with over 6000 hours as ‘pilot in command’ over 1000 in jets, Dr. Fabre has ran over 19 marathons including the Boston Marathon. He has 9 children.

Because of Dr. Fabre’s contributions to the armamentarium against psychiatric illness, he has been referred to as the Father of Modern Psychopharmacology.

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