Malcolm Chester — Attorney at Capparelli and Chester

Des Plaines, IL — Malcolm Chester is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Trusted Attorney for his outstanding career in the Law and Legal Services field and in acknowledgment of his work with and ownership of the law firm Capparelli and Chester.

Committed to preserving and improving the environment, Mr. Chester has found success as a dedicated attorney and executive for more than 35 years. He has considerable expertise in representing clients on public policy and governmental affairs issues. His firm, Capparelli and Chester, specializes in government law.

To prepare for his law career, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Brown University in 1970 and a Master of Education from Tufts University in 1972. To further his expertise in law, he obtained a Juris Doctor from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2004. He was admitted to the Illinois Bar Association and the United States District Court Bar Association. While pursuing his education, he began his career in various tutoring and teaching positions. In 1980 Mr. Chester continued his career at Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers, where he served as the director and vice president of public affairs.

In recognition of his expertise, Mr. Chester was honored with a Meditation Award from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He was presented with a Chairman’s Award while working for Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers in 1999, having served as the chairman of the state advisory task force for the National Soft Drink Association in 1992 and as the president of the Illinois Soft Drink Association in 1990. Mr. Chester served as a task force member of the Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources in 1992. For his commitment to improving his local environment, he was honored with a National Community Service Award in 2012.

In addition to his primary career, Mr. Chester has also authored numerous books. Having led a long and distinguished career, his most integral skill has been learning how to listen effectively and adapting himself to other points of view.

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