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Mariela Esther Dawkins, CEO — Distinguished Chief Executive Officer

Oakland, CA — Mariela Esther Dawkins, CEO, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Chief Executive Officer in the Accounting Services field and in acknowledgment of her work with Esther Dawkins Accounting Services, LLC.

Ms. Dawkins provides a range of accounting services in her practice, including general accounting, payroll, and bookkeeping for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area. During her career, which spans 26 years, she has established a tradition of excellence, integrity, transparency, innovation, and individualized service.

A native of Panama, Ms. Dawkins immigrated to New York City in 1987. After struggling to find a place to call her own, she relocated to California, where she attended Laney College and California State University, East Bay, majoring in Accounting. Since completing her higher education, Ms. Dawkins has become an accomplished accountant whose primary goal is to provide affordable accounting services to all of her clients. Ms. Dawkins’ professional philosophy is to maintain the affordability of her services by working from a home office, thereby significantly reducing overhead costs. She greatly values the essential services provided by small businesses and nonprofits and strives to provide high-quality services and helpful guidance. She also works with a team of accounting professionals across the United States. The collaboration of this diverse accounting team with years of expertise benefits all clients.

“I’m honest about my strengths, weaknesses, and intentions with all of our clients,” Ms. Dawkins states. “My strength comes from building quality operational and financial processes that meet and exceed expectations. I align the needs and wants of the EDAS team and clients. I take immense pride in my work and constantly strive to meet and surpass all client expectations. And I hold ourselves independently responsible for the work we do.” She hopes to continue growing her business and to benefit by improving the way business is done.

With her organizational, financial, operational, and leadership skills and extensive experience working with nonprofits, Ms. Dawkins is persistent in her approach to resolving complex issues. She has a proven record of building solid infrastructures, upgrading accounting and reporting procedures, and providing extraordinary financial analysis. She attributes much of her success to her management and administrative skills, professional knowledge, and a keen eye for detail.

Passionate about her profession, Ms. Dawkins is a tech-savvy QuickBooks Online Accountant and actively affiliated with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). In addition, she is regularly involved with her local environment at Phoenix Gardens. She is an avid percussionist who recharges by drumming at local venues with fellow musicians in her free time. She also loves to draw and enjoys kayaking.

Ms. Dawkins dedicates this recognition in loving memory of her mother, Jacinta V. Parkins.

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