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Marin Sorin Caba — Owner & Project Manager

Edmonds, WA—Marin Sorin Caba is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Business Professional for his contributions to the Water Damage Restoration Industry.

Mr. Caba began his career in 1996 working in the construction field. His passion for helping create structures and fix issues led him to study environmental protection, combining the two skills by launching his water restoration company. He was encouraged and inspired by multiple mentors in water damage restoration and became certified for water damage restoration by the IICSC Institute. His company, American Water and Damage Restoration, was designated by the County Advisory Board as a Top Gun Snohomish County Water Damage Restoration Company.

As the owner and project manager for his company, Mr. Caba provides residential and commercial water damage restoration to clients who need immediate assistance. He notes that American Water and Damage Restoration is a full-service water damage restoration company in Snohomish County, Washington serving since 2021. The company provides restoration services to residential and commercial properties affected by water, storms, mold, and fire damage in Edmonds, Seattle, and Puget Sound areas. American Water Damage Restoration Company is licensed, bonded, insured, IICRC certified, and accredited by Restoration Industry Association and the Better Business Bureau.

The entrepreneur is affiliated with Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, and the IICSC Association. The community recognizes Mr. Caba as an exemplary business owner that adds financial well-being and stability to Snohomish County. His motto is “As long as you want to dream, the American Dream is still real.”

Mr. Caba hopes to affect local legislation affecting his industry and community while providing exemplary service in the coming years. A native of Romania, the entrepreneur believes that he has attained the American Dream and encourages others to never give up on their goals.

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