Mark Harbour – Director of Business

Oklahoma City, OK— Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Mark Harbour is acknowledged as a Pinnacle Life Member for his contributions to the Oil and Gas Industry.

Mr. Harbour pursued higher education with an online degree from Williamstown University. Where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 2006.

With more than 46 years of global experience in the field, Mr. Harbour is a successful sales manager with a mastery knowledge of well control equipment manufacture, operations & field services. After retiring from a 41+ year career at Cameron, he joined Meyer Services as the Director of Business Development. Meyer manufactures, rents, services, and repairs wellsite automation systems for drilling and production operations for the oil and gas industry. Since 2021, he has focused his efforts on expanding the company’s footprint in Saudi Arabia and the Rockies.

Mr. Harbour had extensive experience as a field service technician prior to his current role. He began his oilfield career in 1977 as a derrick hand of Rowan Companies. He began his career at Cameron Iron Works in 1979 as a field service technician working in Texas and the GOM. While working in Alaska he was promoted to Service Manager. In 1999 he relocated to Saudi Arabia. In 2003 he accepted a promotion as District Manager Middle East helping Cameron secure its first $100 million year in the region. In 2006 he was transferred to Singapore and promoted to Regional Manager Asia Pacific. From 2010 to 2012, he helped Cameron Drilling Systems generate $1 billion in sales. During his time in Singapore, Cameron built a world class pressure control equipment repair and remanufacturing facility.

The business professional retired from Cameron in 2020 as a Sales Manager for the Mid-Continent, Rockies, and NEUS. He now focuses his efforts on his role as Director of Business Development at Meyer Services. When considering the future, he intends to diligently work to promote business growth, as fast and profitably as possible, and to achieve his retirement goals.

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