Mark J. Mills, JD, MD – Forensic Psychiatrist

Raleigh, NC— Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Mark J. Mills, JD, MD is acknowledged as a Life Achiever 2023-2024 for his contributions as a Forensic Psychiatrist.

Dr. Mark J. Mills, a highly accomplished forensic psychiatrist, is marking an impressive 48 years of dedication and expertise in the field of forensic psychiatry. As a renowned figure in the industry, Dr. Mills has made substantial contributions to academia and has maintained a thriving private firm, Mark J. Mills, JD, MD, since 1987.

Dr. Mark J. Mills has spent an illustrious 48 years in the field of forensic psychiatry, specializing in providing critical insights and expertise in legal and psychiatric matters.

Dr. Mills’ career is characterized by academic excellence and impactful roles at prestigious institutions. Over the years, he has served at renowned universities, including New York Medical College, Columbia University, Georgetown University School of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Stanford University. His contributions have played a vital role in shaping the field of forensic psychiatry.

Since 1987, Dr. Mills has been operating his eponymous firm, Mark J. Mills, JD, MD. Through his private practice, he continues to provide invaluable forensic psychiatric services, offering his expertise to individuals, legal professionals, and institutions.

Dr. Mills is a member of the American Psychiatric Association, showcasing his commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards in the field.

Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Mills has received numerous accolades for his outstanding contributions. Some of his notable awards and honors include the Distinguished Service Award from the American Society of Law & Medicine, a Bronze Medal from the 28th Annual International Film and Television Festival of New York for his work on “In the Absence of Angels – A Report on the Homeless Mentally Ill Chronology” (1985), and the esteemed Harry C. Solomon Award (1981-1982). He is also recognized as a Fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine (1978), a fellow of the Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists (1986), and holds the title of Distinguished Lifetime Fellow at the American Psychiatric Association (2010).

Dr. Mills’ educational journey includes a Bachelor of Arts in Intellectual History from the University of California, Berkeley (1967), a Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD) from Harvard Law School (1970), and a Doctor of Medicine in Psychiatry from Stanford University School of Medicine (1975).

While Dr. Mills’ specific philosophy is not detailed, his enduring commitment to the field of forensic psychiatry is a testament to his dedication to helping individuals in need and contributing to the legal and psychiatric realms.

Dr. Mark J. Mills, JD, MD, is a distinguished figure in the world of forensic psychiatry, with a career spanning close to five decades. His unwavering commitment to the field, combined with his extensive academic and professional achievements, continues to make a significant impact. As he celebrates 48 years of expertise, Dr. Mills looks forward to contributing further to the betterment of individuals and the field of forensic psychiatry.

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