Mauricio Romero – CEO/President

Coral Springs, FL – Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Mauricio Romero is acknowledged as an Inner Circle Platinum Lifetime for his contributions to Pioneering Excellence in Cuban Bakery.

Mauricio Romero stands at the helm of a culinary revolution, bringing the rich flavors of Cuban cuisine to eager palates through his Cuban Bakery venture. With a keen eye for business and a passion for authentic flavors, Romero’s bakery specializes in Cuban baked goods, including delectable pastelitos and iconic Cuban sandwiches.

Operating on a regional scale, Romero’s Cuban Bakery has already captured the hearts and taste buds of locals, with plans to expand its footprint through franchising in states like South Carolina and Georgia. Romero’s expertise in business, franchising, and facilities/production management ensures the seamless operation and growth of his bakery empire.

Romero’s journey to culinary success is marked by notable achievements and accolades. With a background in managing 888 Five Guys franchises as Regional Vice President, covering vast territories across the United States, Canada, and Hawaii, Romero brings a wealth of experience to his current venture. His business acumen has been recognized with prestigious awards, including a National Hispanic Association Award.

Beyond his culinary pursuits, Romero is also a published author, with contributions to esteemed publications such as QSR Magazine and Franchise Magazine. His dedication to excellence extends to his personal interests, where he finds joy in hobbies like driving race cars.

Looking ahead, Romero envisions exponential growth for his bakery brand, with plans to expand from 25 to 500 stores and elevate the brand to new heights. His philosophy of surrounding oneself with great people, avoiding micromanagement, and staying humble serves as the guiding principles behind his success.

As Romero continues to lead the charge in revolutionizing Cuban cuisine, his unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and authenticity ensures that Romero’s Cuban Bakery remains a cherished culinary destination for years to come.

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