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Melina Taylor — Top IT Professional

American Canyon, CA — Melina Taylor is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top IT Professional for her outstanding achievements in Information Technology and her professional excellence at Hopelab Foundation. 

Based out of San Francisco, CA, the Hopelab Foundation is a social innovation lab consisting of a highly qualified team of behavioral scientists, designers, and digital tech experts striving to help teens and young adults live happier healthier lives. The team harnesses the power of science and design to positively address the rise of troubling trends in teen health and well-being. Throughout the years, the Hopelab Foundation has been proud to have co-created a wide variety of behavior-change technologies with young people and their partners.

Having led an outstanding career, Ms. Melina Taylor has been working in the information technology field for about 15 years. She has garnered valuable experiences and expertise in all facets of her work throughout the years. Early in her career, she served various positions, including System Admin at San Francisco University High School, Systems Specialist & Senior Systems Engineer/IT Manager at FCIP Networks LLC, IT Systems Analyst at Camelbak, and Network System Specialist at Sequoia.        

In her current capacity, Ms. Taylor has devoted just over a year to the mission of the Hopelab Foundation. She serves as an IT Manager, where she is demonstrating her long-time interest in computers and video games. She enjoyed fixing her classmates’ computers and laptops while in college and decided she would pursue information technology as a career.

In light of her academic achievements, Ms. Taylor obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Yale University in 2006.

In her spare time, Ms. Taylor enjoys volunteering and helping others. She volunteers at “Creativity Explored” which is an organization that helps people with mental disabilities create art that they can sell. Ms. Taylor also volunteers her time to Transformative Justice to help those who’ve been wrongfully charged with crimes. She also likes to read and play video games.

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