Michelle Sherbun — Leadership Coach

Hinsdale, IL— Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Michelle Sherbun is acknowledged as a Top Pinnacle Professional for her contributions to the Life Coaching Field.

Mrs. Sherbun earned a Bachelor’s degree at Indiana University and has multiple certifications from Kolbe and Team Clock. She is considered an expert in coaching, social justice, and leadership as well as being an award-winning fundraiser and a classically trained vocalist and actor.

Mrs. Sherbun was an extraordinarily successful consultant for non-profits prior to pursuing life coaching. In this role, she notes that “my primary job as a coach is to simply help people get out of their own way. My clients know the answers, but their fears and false expectations hold them back. When we name our fears, we take back our power and the freedom to choose what can make dreams a reality. When we get out of our own way, we become the best versions of ourselves.” The business professional also focuses on developing transformative leaders and says top-down management and autocratic leadership is rigid and does little to create a productive workplace. Teams are seeking safe places where ideas and passions can be elevated. Healthy workplaces are open to challenging tried and true assumptions, and as a result, workers feel engaged and valued.”

The business professional is renowned for conducting a series of mastermind groups called Sister Wisdom Circles for powerful superstar women over 40 that is touted as being “wonderful”. She explained that women with diverse experiences come together once a month to support each other as they discover and reclaim their personal and professional voices. “Together they explore their deepest dreams and goals, and spark new thinking and innovation – all the while encouraging clarity, passion, and purpose in their lives,” Mrs. Sherbun asserted, and added “as we enter transition, we reintroduce ourselves to the essence of who we are. We begin to reacquaint ourselves with whom we are meant to be.”

Mrs. Sherbun would like to dedicate this honor to her dear husband, Chuck, and thank him for his love and support. Aside from her professional pursuits, Mrs. Sherbun enjoys spending time with her children and 11 grandchildren. Among her favorite publications, Mrs. Sherbun is most fond of Margaret Wheatley’s work and her favorite place to visit is Paris. In the future she plans to continue the work that she is doing.

For more information about Mrs. Sherbun and her work, please visit www.michellesheburn.com and https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-sherbun-pcc-eli-mp/.

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