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Mike R. Galli – Top Attorney

Sunnyvale, CA – Mike R. Galli is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Attorney for his outstanding contributions in the field of Law in acknowledgment for his commitment as Prosecutor Deputy District Attorney with the Office of the District San Jose California.

Having accrued 38 years of vast knowledge and professional experience in the field of criminal law, Attorney Galli has also garnered a well-deserving reputation for his contributions. To prepare for his career, he obtained his Doctor of Juris Prudence degree from Santa Clara University and is passionate about continuing education. He is devoted to educating attorneys and police officers on the practice of criminal law, especially search and seizure issues.

Since 1984, Mr. Galli has excelled as a deputy district attorney for the Santa Clara County Office of the District Attorney, where he currently reviews police reports from eight different police agencies, files felony and misdemeanor criminal charges, reviews non-narcotic misdemeanor citations to determine eligibility for a pre-filing diversion program, and answers legal questions regarding search and seizure issues from police officers and other deputy district attorneys throughout the State of California. Additionally, he serves as a unit member of the Criminal Complaint Unit at the District Attorney’s Office and for the last 15 years as an instructor at the Peace Officer’s Standards and Training (POST) Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation.

Over the years, Mr. Galli has also worked within numerous units as a unit member and supervisor. He has been assigned to the misdemeanor DUI unit, juvenile unit, felony narcotics,   asset forfeiture, economic crimes, preliminary examinations and motions, writs and appeals units. He has been the assistant supervisor of the narcotics unit twice, was the first supervisor of the narcotics asset forfeiture unit, and supervised the welfare fraud and restitution services units before his current assignment.

Throughout his extensive career, Mr. Galli is proud to have remained at the forefront of his field. He is the creator and sole author of the California District Attorney’s (CDAA) Search Warrant Law and Practice Manual, now in its fifth edition, and has written it since 2009. He has also authored many articles and works on search and seizure law. These have included an article on the California Electronic Communication Privacy Act published by Police Technical in 2016, a 2014 book entitled Warrantless Searches, also published by Police Technical, a 2012 article for CDAA’S Firewall (High-Technology Crimes Newsletter) entitled People v. Diaz: Right Result, but Wrong Rationale, a 2009 article entitled Cell Phone Searches for CDAA’S Firewall, Chapter II, Search and Seizure, in CDAA’S High Technology Crimes Manual published in 2008, an article entitled Tracking Devices and the Fourth Amendment, for CDAA’S Firewall 2008, Search Warrant sections of the Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge’s Duty Manual in 1994 and updated in 2007, Chapter IV, Search Warrants, in the first & second editions of CDAA’s Hate Crime Monograph (1999 and 2006 editions), and an article on Drafting Narcotics Search Warrants, for CDAA’S Prosecutor’s Brief in 1988. Mr. Galli has also served as the editor for the book High-Technology Crime, by Kenneth S. Rosenblatt (KSK Publications, ã 1995).

In recognition of his professional excellence, Mr. Galli was presented with a Commendation Letter from the San Jose Police Department (SJPD) Burglary Prevention Unit and a Commendation Letter from the SJPD Narcotics Unit in 1989, the Santa Clara County Employee of the Month Award in 1990, an SJPD Excellence Award in 1992 and the CDAA Author of the Year Award in 2009. More recently, he accepted the California Narcotics Officers Association (CNOA) Region One Prosecutor of the Year Award in 2016.

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