Naeemah K. Alston, MD, MS — Distinguished Name in Family Medicine

Wyncote, PA — Naeemah K. Alston, MD, MS is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Name in Family Medicine for her excellence in the Medical field and for her outstanding work at Temple Physicians at Roosevelt Plaza.

Naeemah K. Alston, MD, MS, is a Family Medicine specialist with seven years of experience helping patients feel their best. As a physician at Temple Physicians at Roosevelt Plaza, Dr. Alston has clinical interests in preventative medicine and women’s health. She treats patients with chronic illnesses, providing the highest standard of care. Passionate about her work, Dr. Alston says, “There is only one field of medicine that satisfies both my curiosity and desire to help those in need. My devotion to advancing in medicine as a family doctor is sincere, and I am thankful to be able to serve the community.”

Dr. Alston practices medicine at Temple Physicians at Roosevelt Plaza, located in Philadelphia, PA. Temple Health is a central Pennsylvania-based health system providing clinical care to patients in the greater Philadelphia area. She provides care at 6557 Roosevelt Blvd. Opened in 1996, Temple Health is among the largest and most respected health organizations on the East Coast. Temple Physicians has a large team of providers who help patients needing routine medical care as well as expertly trained specialists to treat more complex conditions.

As a family medicine provider, Dr. Alston is often the first doctor her patients see while seeking treatment. She examines her patients thoroughly, then can treat their condition, or refer them to a specialist for further examination.

To pursue her career in the medical field, Dr. Alston first studied Biology and PreMed at Widener University, earning her Bachelor’s degree in 2003. She then attended Drexel University School of Medicine, graduating with a Master’s degree in Forensic Sciences with a concentration in Molecular Biology in 2007. Dr. Alston next completed her Medical degree at Ross University School of Medicine from 2010-2014, and took on a residency in Family Medicine at Hofstra North Shore LIJ School of Medicine at Hofstra University from 2015-2018. Highly educated in her specialty, Dr. Alston is a board-certified family physician by the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM). The ABFM is a nonprofit and physician-run board created to uphold the highest standards of Family Medicine practice in the United States.

Working in an outpatient capacity, Dr. Alston provides preventative medicine to her patients. She treats patients who have chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and hypertension. Going above and beyond her job duties, Dr. Alston likes to soothe patients’ worries about COVID-19 and work with them on their anxiety. She also helps patients navigate the sometimes confusing health systems. In prior roles, she has worked as a Forensic Scientist with the Philadelphia Police Department.

Dr. Alston is actively associated with the AMA and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Dr. Alston attributes her success to the support and encouragement of her mother, Ms. Robin Alston, throughout her academic career. She would like to dedicate this honorable recognition to her pediatrician while growing up, Dr. Brown, an African American female physician who inspired her to enter the medical profession.

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