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Patricia A. Tyra, EdD, MS, BS – Lifetime Achiever

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Patricia A. Tyra, EdD, MS, BS, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Lifetime Achiever Pinnacle Professional in the field of Nursing as a Mental Health Nurse Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts (UMass).

Located north of Boston, UMass Lowell is a research university that has provided sterling educational services for 125 years. During Dr. Tyra’s employment, she was influential as an educator and researcher. In addition to her teaching career at UMass, she held academic appointments at the University of Lowell, Boston State College, and Boston University in the graduate school of nursing.

Dr. Tyra has led an impressive career for more than five decades.  Early in her career, she volunteered as a rape-crisis counselor. From 1977 to 1996, she offered consultation and therapy services at a private practice. In-between these years, she also served as a clinic director at the Human Resource Institute. Most recently, she worked as an emergency clinician at Martha’s Vineyards Community Services from 2003 to 2015.

Prior to her career, Dr. Tyra earned an undergraduate degree in nursing from Boston University. She remained at the University for higher education, receiving a master’s degree and a doctorate degree.

Remaining abreast of the latest developments, Dr. Tyra serves as a member of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association. She has been recognized for her philanthropic work, donating to Martha’s Vineyard.

In recognition of honors and awards, Dr. Tyra received a Research Award and a Trustee Metal.

Dr. Tyra dedicates this recognition in loving memory of Harold Bavid and Anne Hargraves.

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