Priyalal Wijewarnasuriya – Project Scientist

Moorpark, CA— Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Priyalal Wijewarnasuriya is acknowledged as a Pinnacle Life Member for his contributions to the field of Technology.

Inspired to pursue physics because of a fascination with mathematics, Dr. Wijewarnasuriya attended the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics (First Class). He then attended Illinois Institute of Technology where he obtained a Master’s degree in semiconductor physics and earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Semiconductor Physics at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Dr. Wijewarnasuriya launched his career as a member of the technical staff at Rockwell Scientific Center, CA where he notes he was dedicated to the demonstration of novel, large-format infrared focal plane arrays for astronomy and tactical and strategic military applications. In his current post, the doctor serves as a project scientist at Teledyne Imaging Sensors where he began working in 2019. He explained that Teledyne Imaging Sensors is a company that offers a wide variety of imaging products, including custom products integrated with other electrical and camera systems.

Dr. Wijewarnasuriya asserts that part of his core beliefs in being a competent physicist is dependent on a strong foundation in mathematics. He has made significant contributions to the field including leading the development of the next generation of infrared materials and devices for the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL); Team Leader of the “II–VI Materials and Devices Team” EO/IR Materials and Devices Branch of SEDD at the U.S. ARL; and was a scientist with the U.S. Army for more than 20 years.

A testament to his expertise, Dr. Wijewarnasuriya is the author or co-author of more than 300 papers in open technical literature; has written two book chapters; and has presented his work at numerous national and international conferences. He is a member of the board for the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers and also served on the program committee for the U.S. Workshop on Physics and Chemistry of II-VI Materials.

During his illustrious career Dr. Wijewarnasuriya has been recognized for his extraordinary accomplishments including an award from the United States Army for his work on “dislocation reduction in mercury cadmium telluride infrared materials grown on larger area scalable silicon substrates.” In the future, the doctor hopes to have continued success in the field of infrared sensing and attributes his success to his dedication. Aside from his professional pursuits, he enjoys woodworking and photography.

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