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Ramona Kelemen ND, MD — Founder of Hair 4 Life

Scottsdale, AZ — Ramona Kelemen ND, MD (E.U.), is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Trusted Healthcare Professional for her praiseworthy career in hair restoration and in acknowledgment of her practice, Hair 4 Life.

A distinguished hair restoration and transplant physician, Dr. Kelemen is the Founder of Hair 4 Life in Scottsdale, AZ. She started her business almost a year ago and has been working in the hair restoration field for 20 years. With a passion for treating hair loss in men and women with the latest surgical and non-surgical hair restoration techniques, she integrates the best of conventional and naturopathic medicine to create a unique and personal experience for patients with optimal results. Her philosophy is that building a partnership with her patients allows her to empower and educate them to ensure that they are capable of attaining their goals of looking and feeling their best. At H4L, the motto is: “We know hair because it is all we do!”

Initially, Dr. Kelemen had wanted to be a teacher and an architect as a young girl in Romania. She feels she now gets to do both in her practice by teaching her patients about their procedure options, and then helping them design the best look for themselves.

Dr. Kelemen started nursing school in Romania at 14-years-old, then began medical school at 19. After meeting her husband, a U.S. Marine, she moved with him back to the United States, where she started working as a Medical Assistant and eventually earned her N.D.

After graduating with her Medical Degree from Vasile Goldis University in Romania in 2001, the doctor moved to Scottsdale following her husband. She began working as a hair transplant technician for a prestigious hair transplant practice. Although she had already completed her medical education in Europe and received ECFMG certification, the standard for evaluating the qualifications of international medical graduates entering the U.S. healthcare system, she decided to extend her knowledge. The doctor was accepted into the medical school program at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, which enabled her to combine her allopathic and naturopathic medical knowledge.

Two decades and thousands of patients later, the doctor has grown to become a cutting-edge provider in this unique field. Armed with both sides of the medical spectrum, Dr. Kelemen brings a wealth of knowledge to help her patients achieve their hair restoration goals. What sets her apart from other hair transplant physicians is that she can perform every step of the surgery and does every step. She regards this skill as the “luxury” of having covered the gauntlet of medical training: from R.N. to M.D. and N.D.

Dr. Kelemen does not step out of the surgery room until the patient is ready to go home. She trains her own staff, performs her own consultations, and ensures that all the questions are answered. The patient can feel confident that they are fully educated about the options for their particular hair loss case when leaving her office. At Hair 4 Life, Dr. Kelemen believes there is no “one fits all” treatment. That is why she offers all available types of hair transplant surgeries: classic FUT-strip procedure, FUE via ARTAS Robotic WAW motorized hand, and manual punch. The ability to perform all forms of hair transplant ensures that the doctor has no bias towards one particular system. The clear winner is the patient, who can rest assured that the right tool will be used to yield maximum results for their individual case.

In her free time, the doctor loves spending time by the pool with her family, including her 13-year-old son. She also enjoys reading, singing, hiking, and traveling.

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