Robert A. Rysgaard – Medical and Wellness Consultant

Robbinsdale, MN— Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Robert A. Rysgaard is acknowledged as a Pinnacle Life Member for his contributions to the Health and Wellness Consulting Field.

Mr. Rysgaard pursued higher education at Hamline University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 1972. He continued his studies at Mankato State University where he received a Master of Science degree in Vocational Rehabilitation

Touting 14 years of experience in the field, Mr. Rysgaard is a successful independent business consultant who is an expert in helping health care professional streamline their practices and expand upon their services without having to hire additional staff or add time to their already busy schedule. He is also a gifted entrepreneur owning and operating Robert Rysgaard Enterprises since 2005 and also has experience as an independent product broker which he obtained from 2005 to 2008.

Aside from offering customized wellness solutions, Mr. Rysgaard is also a member of numerous non-profit organizations including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). He notes that he is deeply committed to animal welfare and is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of our furry companions. When considering his illustrious career, Mr. Rysgaard asserts that he takes great pride in his achievements as a nutraMetrix consultant and considers it a significant milestone that this role has afforded him invaluable opportunities to expand his knowledge and expertise in implementing natural supplementations, while utilizing his comprehensive training in the health and wellness industry.

Looking to the future, Mr. Rysgaard plans to continually enhance his position as an exceptional salesperson and consultant. He said that he recognizes the importance of ongoing professional development and aims to further refine his skills; staying abreast of industry trends; exploring innovative approaches in his field consistently striving for improvement and seeking to provide the highest level of service to his clients.

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