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Sandip Patel — Lifetime Achiever

Huntsville, AL — Sandip Patel is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Lifetime Achiever for his work as the CEO of C-StoreMaster.                

Sandip Patel is a leading executive in the industry of wholesale merchandise for convenience stores. With prior experience of over 13 years spent working as a convenience store operator, Mr. Patel is now the CEO of C-StoreMaster, a nationwide wholesale convenience store distributor.

To prepare for his career, Mr. Patel studied at Bergen County Community College, where he graduated with an Associate’s degree in Computer Science in 2002. He is a lifelong learner who continually seeks out new information in his field of specialty.

Mr. Patel began his career at GensoftCorp, where he worked from 1999-2001 as a Program Analyst and MCSD Candidate. Here, he gained experience in developing software models, like Visual Basic, SQL Server, COM, Crystal Reports, and ADO, and created unit test plans and system test plans. He then owned and operated a chain of eight 24-hour convenience store locations for 13 years. Through this experience, he gained knowledge of the operations requirements for such stores, which inspired his business, C-StoreMaster.

In 2015, Mr. Patel founded C-StoreMaster, a leader in wholesale distribution for convenience stores in 36 US states. C-Store Master is a regional distributor of more than 4,000 essential convenience products like tobacco and drinks. In just six years, the company grew from a startup to a $100 million company. In addition, 99.7% of in-stock products are available for next-day delivery, allowing for speedy purchases and restocks.

Mr. Patel manages the company’s supply chain software development, and was responsible for strategizing the financing and construction of 130,000 sq. feet of warehouse space. C-StoreMaster now serves 7,000 customers throughout the United States. The C-StoreMaster mission statement is “To empower convenience store operators with class-leading service, selection, and supply chain.”

BusinessWire featured the company in an article about the new robotic distribution warehouse in Huntsville, AL. In 2021, seventy robots began working in an innovative 120,000 sq. foot facility to create automation efficiency. It is the first warehouse of its kind in the United States, and created 40 new jobs.

Looking to the future, Mr. Patel hopes to connect with other CEOs and business professionals. He plans to grow the company even more in the coming years. Mr. Patel attributes his success to the hard work of his team members.

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