Sergiy Yakovenko — Top Executive

Delta, British Columbia — Sergiy Yakovenko is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Executive for his years of professional excellence in the Maritime industry.       

Dedicated to providing the shipping industry with reliable, cost-effective, and professional consulting and project managing services, Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. has years of experience finding solutions to every client’s marine needs. Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. offers an array of services, from consulting, naval architecture, site supervision, retrofitting, and project management services spanning the globe in the fields of marine, offshore, oil, and gas activities. 

In the industry for over 40 years, Mr. Yakovenko is dedicated to the Maritime sector as the Director at Albion Marine Solutions. His expertise is in Shipping Management, where he helps clients fulfill a variety of project needs.

To begin his distinguished career, Mr. Yakovenko attended college in Ukraine, graduating with a Master’s degree. He attended Odessa State Marine Academy, graduating with a Master’s degree in Marine Engineering in 1987. He attended the Odessa Patent Institute, where he graduated with a Master’s degree in Patent Studies in 1987. Next, he attended Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, earning a diploma in Ship Superintendency and Maritime Ship Management.

Mr. Yakovenko believes that the key to his success is his educational background, and the fact that he loves his work, and enjoys helping his clients fulfill their goals every day.

In previous roles, he worked for Teekay for 15 years, working in multiple positions. He began the job as a Manager of Technical Quality Assurance and Maintenance Optimization, then became a Project Manager for Innovation, Technology, and Projects, and finally worked as a Project Manager of New Builds and Projects, leaving the company in 2017. With a wealth of experience, Mr. Yakovenko then joined Albion Marine Solutions, where he is the Director of Project Management, Engineering, and Consultancy Services to maritime and offshore industries.

His best abilities are the ability to manage multiple projects at the same time, keeping them within budget and time frame; managing complex team dynamics, and broad technical expertise of marine, offshore, oil and gas industry, ports, LNG terminals, and new technology. Mr. Yakovenko thinks of Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. as a “one-stop shop” for marine needs. The skilled team excels at highly specialized roles, such as 3D laser scanning and modeling using the newest technology, fabrication, and repairs for ships at anchor, and finding proper legislative compliance solutions. Technicians can assess naval architecture, performing necessary surveys to study the structural integrity. The company also implements plans for companies to reduce their emissions through retrofitting, fuel and oil tank cleaning services, and developing operations to switch over to compliance fuel or low-sulfur fuel.

Looking to the future, Mr. Yakovenko plans to proceed in the same direction, as well as taking on new hires and creating new opportunities. He plans to build a stronger brand through networking. His finest accomplishment has been growing his business from one person to sixty.

Mr. Yakovenko enjoys giving back to his community through volunteering with the Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education (CORE), Firearms Safety Instructor Examiner, and is President and Board Member of the Outdoor Club Antlers and Hoofs. He speaks English, Russian, and Ukrainian.
To stay alert to updates in the field, he is a member of the Society of Marine Engineers.
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