Shana Traina, PhD – Health Scientist

New Brunswick, NJ – Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Shana Traina, PhD is acknowledged as a Pinnacle Professional Member for her contributions to Pioneering Health Behavior Science for Improved Health Outcomes.

Dr. Shana Traina, a distinguished leader in Health Behavior Science, is revolutionizing the understanding of health behavior determinants and applying evidence-based solutions to improve health outcomes on an international scale.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Humboldt State University, a Master of Arts in Behavioral and Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Health Services Research from UCLA, Dr. Traina brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her field.

As a certified Dare to Lead facilitator and Executive Leadership Certification recipient from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Dr. Traina is dedicated to guiding teams of researchers toward strategic thinking and the application of scientific practices within business contexts.

Throughout her illustrious 18-year career, Dr. Traina has held pivotal roles at renowned organizations such as Johnson & Johnson and Amgen. Her contributions as a global market access leader and global patient-reported outcomes leader have been instrumental in shaping innovative approaches to health care.

Dr. Traina’s commitment to excellence extends beyond her professional endeavors. She actively participates in industry-leading associations such as the Society of Behavioral Medicine and the Dare to Lead Network, where she collaborates with fellow leaders to drive positive change in health behavior science.

Recognized as an invited speaker on women in leadership across various STEM fields, Dr. Traina continues to inspire and empower future generations of leaders. Her dedication to incorporating patient perspectives into health care innovation has earned her accolades, including an invitation to speak before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Looking ahead, Dr. Traina remains steadfast in her mission to advance further in the realm of leadership, nurturing individual talents for greater organizational success and fostering an environment where excellence thrives.

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