Shannon S. Yerkic — Chief Executive Officer

Hialeah, FL— Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Shannon Yerkic is acknowledged as a Top Pinnacle Professional for his contributions to the fields of Education and Health and Wellness.

With more than 20 years of experience, Mr. Yerkic’s boasts a varied and exciting career in multiple industries. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Valdosta State University and shortly after began working as a Healthcare Recruiter at Maxim Healthcare services in Jacksonville, FL from Mar 2006 – Feb 2007. In this position, he managed more than 100 clients and 175 external employees while recruiting and managing healthcare professionals.

Mr. Yerkic transitioned to a new position in February 2007 serving as Director of Admissions and Career Services at Florida Technical College in Jacksonville, FL until 2008. He notes that he developed relationships with hiring managers and recruiters; increased job placement and enrollment rates; and oversaw an internal admissions staff.

In March of 2008, Mr. Yerkic moved to LightPoint Consulting & Training in Alpharetta, GA where he was Vice President of Sales and Marketing until from March 2010, providing sales and personnel development training to corporations and educational institutions. He served as Chief Operating Officer at Dawn Career Institute in Wilmington, DE from Dec 2009 – Dec 2012, growing a startup online division to profitability within a year and also as Chief Operating Officer at Laurus Technical Institute in Decatur, GA from Dec 2012 – Sep 2014, overseeing three campuses and implementing organizational standard operating procedures.

Pursuing new opportunities, he served as Chief Operating Officer at Beauty Schools of America in Miami, FL from Sep 2014 – Aug 2016, he served as Chief Operating Officer at Beauty Schools of America in Miami, FL, overseeing seven campus locations and three salon locations with revenue earnings of approximately $30 million annually.

Mr. Yerkic was Chief Executive Officer of SSY Consulting and Training from August to 2016 to February 2019. SSY Consulting and Training worked both internationally and domestically to advise and assist traditional, non-profit, and proprietary Schools, Colleges, and Universities. AS CEO, Mr. Yerkic oversaw the creation and customization of performance-based Marketing, Admissions, Financial Aid, Career Services and Compliance programs to allow his clients to achieve their P&L and/or KPI goals.

In February 2019, Mr. Yerkic was named the Chief Executive Officer of the TruMantra Education Group, which includes the Academy of Lymphatic Studies (ACOLS) and the Arizona School of Integrative Studies (ASIS). Utilizing his energy, expertise and enthusiasm, he has led the TruMantra Education Group to dramatic growth. He has worked extensively in both the international and domestic markets to expand educational access to the students of the Academy of Lymphatic Studies and the Arizona School of Integrative Studies. Mr. Yerkic’s dedication and determination has enabled him to bring success to his teams and himself at TruMantra Education Group.

A natural leader, Mr. Yerkic also holds several positions on various boards, including Chair of Strategic Planning Committee at the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation in Virginia Beach, VA.

A testament to his expertise, Mr. Yerkic is an author and has numerous published articles including Woman’s Journal “Learning Curve,” 2011 and Engine Research “Active Communication,” 2020. He has received many accolades during his illustrious career, and is most proud of being named Top 25 C-Suite Executives in 2022. Recognized as an industry leader, Mr. Yerkic is associated with numerous professional organizations and serves on multiple boards.

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