Shawn Kinkelaar

Shawn Kinkelaar – Top Professional

Effingham, IL – Shawn Kinkelaar, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Professional in acknowledgement for his role as a Professional field dog handler and trainer with Purina and Sport Dog.

Shawn Kinkelaar Top Professional

Shawn Kinkelaar is an experienced field dog handler and trainer with Purina and Sport Dog. He is highly skilled in the ability to work with a dog efficiently and look after its welfare needs, self-confidence, and the ability to work with minimum supervision, patience with inexperienced or non- social dogs, good observation skills, and the ability to judge a situation accurately and react instantly. With his most experienced training English Pointers and English Setters, Mr. Kinkelaar’s responsibilities include disciplining animals, rewarding positive behavior and correcting bad behavior, offering advice to dog owners, training animals to perform rescue missions, and to detect illegal drugs, or protect property.

His grandfather’s motto was “Dogs are the priority” especially finding English Setters to be fantastic animals with extraordinary athleticism. Having been trained by the best in his 20s, Mr. Kinkelaar’s main focus is on Bird Dog Field Trials, a competitive event at which dogs compete against one another for placements usually organized by kennel clubs or other organizations.

As a 12 time, national award winner Mr. Kinkelaar believes Bird Dog Field Trials is the greatest sport there is taking in and enjoying so many facets of nature.

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