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Stephen Lyon Keiley — Co-Founder Chief Executive Officer

Hudson, NH— Stephen Lyon Keiley is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Business Professional for his contributions to the business industry.

Mr. Keiley earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics in 1960 from Yale University. He later graduated from Harvard Business School and received a Master of Business Administration in International Marketing in 1967.

Mr. Keiley recently co-founded WindWhistle LLC, a green business alliance brokerage firm, where he serves as chief executive officer. He is also the owner of Foxfire LLC. Mr. Keiley previously served as the director of The Nature Conservancy and as a founder and chief executive officer of Enterprise Development Inc.

Mr. Keiley focuses on environmentalism and helping others. He traveled to Malawi and Kenya to help create camps for refugees at various points in his career.  Much of this work came as part of his participation with AIESEC, an international, nonprofit, non-governmental organization that promotes leadership from young adults.

Mr. Keiley attributes his success to his values of trust, honesty and integrity. He notes that he is a result-oriented individual with a passion for helping others and those in need in his community.

He would like to dedicate this honor with special thanks to Dr. Tony Sullivan.

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