Steven Hofmann – Executive Advisor Cybersecurity

Titusville, FL— Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Steven Hofmann is acknowledged as a Top Pinnacle Professional for being a Renowned Expert in Weapons Systems, Cybersecurity Assessment, and Aviation. His extensive experience and impressive contributions have solidified his reputation as a leading expert in multiple fields.

Mr. Hofmann’s journey began with 20+5 years of military service as an aviator, during which he instructed US and coalition pilots in jets, served as a combat search and rescue helicopter Instructor Pilot, and operated as a C5 Combat Flight Instructor and Evaluator pilot, contributing significantly during DESERT STORM. He concluded this remarkable military career by commanding an Air Force Test Squadron responsible for assessing the operational effectiveness and suitability of all Air Mobility Weapons Systems.

Following this illustrious military service, Mr. Hofmann continued to excel in similar activities at MITRE Corporation where he worked from 2000 to 2004. He spent an additional 5 years of military service, made possible only through Presidential recall orders, after 9-11. He asserted that he was notified that the President had signed a recall order, directing him to re-enter service in March 2005, serving in the USAF Reserve Force. “This means ‘part time’ in the military providing the critical skills identified in the recall notice, but also meaning continued operation of my businesses and clients,” he explained. During this tenure, he was competitively selected for promotion to Colonel pinning on that rank in May of 2007, despite having previously retired. The Colonel said he worked an average of 80+ hours a week, toggling back and forth between days on Military Duty, in balance with leading CCxH, AMxH, LLC and it’s 3 holding companies, and sharing leadership of ScheduLogics LLC with his partners.

Reaching yet another milestone, in May of 2009, Mr. Hofmann reached the maximum authorized military service as a Colonel and was again retired from military service a second time. During this period, he played pivotal roles in crafting Combat and Global Air Operations Center Architecture for Joint Service use and served as the Deputy Director of Communications and CIO for AF Reserve Command, where he was formally trained and empowered as a Cyber Warrior.

With this vast experience in aviation and military, Mr. Hofmann applied his knowledge to the industry, developing the first-ever FAA-certified “glass cockpit” training for Civil Aviation, replacing traditional round dials with computer screens.

Additionally, Mr. Hofmann was called upon to serve the Department of Defense and the nation at the Senior Executive level, acting as the DoD liaison to the FAA-led NextGen program. Over 6 years, he raised awareness across the federal government and industry about the potential for cyber influence in military and civil aviation. His efforts culminated in the recrafting of the National Strategy for Aviation Security (signed Jan 2019) and the establishment of the Aviation Cyber Initiative (ACI) with a tri-Secretary level charter between DOD, DHS, and DOT to assess and mitigate cyber risks in aviation.

Today, Mr. Hofmann continues his dedicated service to the government and the aviation industry as a contractor through CCxH LLC. He remains committed to mentoring and educating the next generation of professionals, contributing to their growth and development. While industry demands changed during his second tenure with the government, his companies AMxH, LLC; S&K Acquisitions 1, 2, and 3 were suspended. ScheduLogics software was reaching “end-of-life” and was also ended in 2019. The extraordinary leader’s current role is to provide support most currently listed to the Office of SecDef Director of Operational Test and Evaluation, in addition to executive consulting and governance via CCxH, LLC.

Steven Hofmann’s career is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence, continuous pursuit of opportunities, and outstanding contributions to multiple fields, including weapons systems, cybersecurity assessment, aviation, and industry development. He describes his illustrious career with this synopsis: “My experience comes from a set of three parallel, often simultaneous careers, one primarily focused on military and civil aviation, a second focused on high-technology process and software engineering, and a third focused on commercial business activities, which synthesize and leverage the first two.”

Mr. Hofmann holds a master’s degree in Aviation management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Physical Science, and Engineering from the University of Maryland. He is a graduate of Air War College, Air Command as Staff College, and Squadron Officers School.

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