Sunshine Ray – Top Business Professional

­­Henderson, NV — Sunshine Ray is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Business Professional in acknowledgment for her contributions as a Co-Owner of both Atlas Plumbing and Johnny C’s Diner.

Sunshine Ray

With many years of experience in several professions to her credit, Sunshine Ray has excelled as the co-owner of Atlas Plumbing alongside her brother, Rod Ray, since 2018. Situated at 1628 Athol Ave, Henderson NV, Atlas Plumbing is a family-owned company that has provided quality residential and commercial plumbing services to the Henderson community and the Las Vegas Valley for 40 years. Founded in 1980 by the head of their family, Bob Ray, the company’s initial focus was to solve traditional plumbing problems before evolving in recent years.

Starting off as a young girl, Mrs. Ray would join her father on service calls, assisting on jobs, handling small bookkeeping tasks, ultimately fostering her work ethic from a young age. Years later her brother would personally recruit her to co-purchase Atlas Plumbing from their father. Bob Ray states, “Rod is extremely fortunate to have Sunshine as his partner” and “Sunshine is one of the hardest workers I know.”

Earning a worthy reputation as a woman in the plumbing industry, Mrs. Ray continues to excel in the family business today.  She is responsible for all business-related matters and since taking over the company she has developed a new company image, new branding, and is the driving force behind the marketing avenues utilized to promote her company. Ever since purchasing Atlas Plumbing in 2018, Mrs. Ray has strived to establish Atlas Plumbing as the premier provider of cutting-edge technology and equipment to better serve her customers.  Atlas Plumbing is looked to as a trendsetter within the Las Vegas community, being the first to offer services such as trenchless re-piping and mechanical pipeline descaling, all while looking to tackle more complex plumbing tasks as they are presented. Sunshine plans on remaining at the forefront of the homes services industry in Las Vegas while she is at the helm.

Before embarking on her professional path, Mrs. Ray pursued an education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, earning a Bachelor of Science in business marketing in 2004.

Following this accomplishment Mrs. Ray began her business ownership career early on, and just out of college she pioneered the first airbrush tanning salon business in Las Vegas. Later she obtained her certification as a business broker, which also requires a real estate license. True to her commitment to excellence, Mrs. Ray went the next step and earned her broker sales license. She held the position of a business broker/broker saleswoman prior to the Great Recession in 2008, during which time she brokered the sales of all types of businesses and residential homes throughout the Las Vegas valley.

Mrs. Ray remains affiliated with various organizations in relation to her areas of expertise, having maintained her involvement with the Service Nation Alliance, a contractor coalition she credits much of her contractor success through their ongoing mentorship.

Due to Mrs. Ray’s ongoing success, she was recognized by Luxury Bath, a National Corporation. She was pursued by this National Corporation and is now their exclusive Luxury Bath dealer/installer for all of Las Vegas and Clark County.

Mrs. Ray is an active member of the community and finds helping those in need one of the most gratifying things she has been a part of since purchasing the company. Sunshine considers it an honor to work with local charities, such as Good Deed Project, Nevada Hand, and Hometown Hero’s providing materials and plumbing services to assist in the community’s good works.

Prior to these appointments, Mrs. Ray worked in the food and beverage service industry for over 20 years at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Due to her years of experience in this industry, opening a restaurant alongside her husband, Celebrity Chef, Chopped Champion, Johnny Church was an easier transition. Johnny C’s Dinner has successfully become well known within her community as the go-to “All American Diner.” The diner is located at 8175 Arville St Las Vegas, NV.

Mrs. Ray credits her work ethics to her parents through their guidance and unwavering support. She has always been motivated to own a business and is very excited to see her hard work and enthusiasm pay off as her businesses now thrive. Mrs. Ray states, “I am proud to have earned my peers’ respect as a woman in the plumbing industry while bringing a softer approach to the trade.” She is committed to ongoing success in the future by franchising the Johnny C’s Diner concept and adding other services to the Atlas Corporation. Mrs. Ray is also in the final stage of securing a patent for a plumbing invention she created, if all goes as planned this new fixture will be on shelves throughout the world by 2021. Sky’s the limit!

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