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Terrie Vaught — Florist

Tulsa, OK—Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Ms. Terrie Vaught is recognized as a Top Pinnacle Professional for her contributions to the field of Floral Design.

Ms. Vaught has worked in the field of Floral Design for more than 40 years. Considered an expert in Floral Arrangement and Designs/Artistry, she owns and operates Mrs. DeHaven’s Flower Shop, one of Tulsa’s oldest and finest businesses, began in 1905. According to Ms. Vaught, flowers were not prevalent in 1905. Also, in that juncture in retailing history, flowers were not shipped around the world with the ease of mailing a letter. Ms. Vaught notes that Tulsans quickly became enamored with Mrs. DeHaven’s fresh and beautiful flowers. Tulsans were not only impressed with Josephine DeHaven’s floral artistry; they knew she had an eye for exquisite gifts and a flair for elaborate parties. It is that reputation that has made Mrs. Dehaven’s more than just a flower shop. Ms. Vaught asserts that Mrs. DeHaven’s Flower Shop Florist guarantees 100% satisfaction.

Focused on providing a full-service experience, Ms. Vaught notes that Mrs. DeHaven’s Flower Shop delivers in the Tulsa area and promises same-day flower delivery to all local orders placed before noon, eastern time. The floral shop is known for never missing an order and importing the most sought-after flowers from around the world. The shop offers a wide range of roses, plants, dish gardens, gourmet/fruit gift baskets, and exotic flowers, as well as buying specialty products from local growers.

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