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Thelma A. Sias — Distinguished Professional

Milwaukee, WI — Thelma A. Sias is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Professional for three decades of pioneering Executive Leadership and continued commitment to community service.

A retired corporate executive, political consultant, and motivational speaker, Ms. Sias is a strong advocate for leadership development among women and minorities and numerous other civic causes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

 A native of Mayersville, Mississippi, Ms. Sias was one of 11 children born to the late Roosevelt and Pauline Sias. She grew up on her family farm and learned the value of hard work and commitment from a young age due to her parent’s committed involvement in the civil rights movement. Ms. Sias shares that this exposure to their dedication instilled in her the drive to stand up to injustice along with the unwavering principles that have motivated her career. Often in her speaking engagements, she will illustrate her journey beginning in the cotton fields in Mississippi to standing in the White House of the United States. This trajectory, she explains, was all due to how her parent’s fought for her and her family to have a better life and the early lessons they taught of perseverance.

 After high school, Ms. Sias furthered her education in Atlanta, GA, at Clark College (now known as Clark Atlanta University). She graduated in 1976 with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She participated in a congressional internship in Washington, D.C, during her senior year. Seeing African American leaders in power, such as Congressman Walter Edward Fauntroy, motivated Ms. Sias to follow in such footsteps of influence. From there, she moved to Green Bay, WI, where she became the supervisor of the Ethnic Heritage Recruitment Center, serving the needs of African-American and Native American students.

 In 1986, Ms. Sias accepted a position with the electrical and natural gas company Wisconsin Energy Corporation (now known as We Energies.) By 2003, she had worked her way into the role of Vice President of Local Affairs, where she was responsible for working with community leaders and local government officials to further the utility company’s business initiatives and lead multi-million dollar projects.

Among her many career accolades, Ms. Sias was selected for the 2015 Milwaukee Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Hall of Fame. In 2016, she was named one of the Top Influential Women in Corporate America by Savoy Magazine, The History Makers’ Collection at the Library of Congress in 2017, and a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Milwaukee Business Journal in 2018.

 Ms. Sias is a member of The Links and the Black History Makers. She is also the founder and CEO of her own consulting firm named The Sias Group, LLC. She serves on a host of community and civic boards, including the United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha, where she was the first African American to sit on the board, the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee, the Sojourner Family Peace Center, and the African American Women’s Project.

 In her spare time, she loves to travel and spend time with her family. For more information and to inquire about speaking engagements, please visit

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