Todd A. Blodgett — Distinguished Professional

Clear Lake, IA – Todd A. Blodgett is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Professional for his exceptional accomplishments as an Author and Political Columnist, and in the fields of Direct Marketing and Campaign Consulting.

As a Writer, Speaker, and Direct Marketing Consultant, Mr. Blodgett has had a highly successful career spanning four decades. Since 1982, he has worked in local, state, and national Republican campaigns, with numerous clients having been elected to public office. His clients range from candidates for School Boards and City Councils, to State Legislatures, to nominees seeking office on the county, statewide and federal levels.

Blodgett graduated in 1983 from Drake University (Des Moines, Iowa), with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, with a minor in Political Science. Having first met Ronald Reagan in 1976, Blodgett stayed in touch with the future President, and had met with him over a dozen times between 1977 and 1980, prior to Reagan becoming President in 1981. Blodgett joined the Reagan-Bush White House staff in 1985, and served there until the fall of 1987. From 1987-88, he worked as a Domestic Policy advisor for the Bush for Presidential Campaign Committee, which later became the Bush-Quayle ’88 Committee. Following the 1988 presidential election, Blodgett was hired by Lee Atwater, who was the chairman of the Republican National Committee. 

At the RNC, Blodgett specialized in Opposition Research, direct mail fundraising, PAC solicitation, and developing ‘Wedge Issues’, for use in GOP political campaigns. After Mr. Atwater’s death in 1991, Blodgett left the RNC and in 1992 founded TAB Advertising, Inc., a Washington, DC-based marketing and campaign strategy firm. In 2000, he returned to government service as a full-time, paid, professional informant for the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). In this capacity, Blodgett infiltrated, monitored, and filed reports on violent, far-right racist haters, the Aryan Nations, the Ku Klux Klan, Holocaust deniers, white supremacist organizations, and neo-Nazis in the United States and Europe, for the bureau. He kept close tabs on such HATE groups, their leaders, and many rank-and-file members who were of interest to American law enforcement. Blodgett’s 2020 memoir, ‘Republican Crackhead: An addict’s Life in the FBI and DC’s Hoods, while infiltrating Haters’, details his experiences during those years.

A prolific columnist, Mr. Blodgett’s Op-Ed writing regularly is published in The Des Moines Register, the Globe-Gazette,, USA Today, Real Clear Politics, and other publications. He has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal and featured in articles in The Washington Post and The Huffington Post, and in stories which appeared on the NBC Nightly News, CBS News, and the BBC.

Today, Blodgett chiefly specializes in procuring, developing, and promoting lists which feature direct-to-consumer contact information for use by political candidates, political parties, charitable entities, and commercial vendors of products and services. Of his campaign strategy consulting, he told us, “My services don’t come cheap. But every client I’ve helped who has taken my advice has always been elected.”  

Active in charitable endeavors, Mr. Blodgett presently serves as a Trustee of the Bertha Stebens Foundation and as a director of Health-for-LIFE, an Iowa-based charitable foundation which provides health services to deserving north Iowans. 

He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Outing Club, a historic residential Co-Operative corporation in Clear Lake, Iowa. Blodgett is a member of the US Concealed Carry Association and Iowa Gun Owners, and a LIFE member of the National Rifle Association. For additional information, visit: www.ToddBlodgett.US.

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