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Tracy Shevell, MD — Pinnacle Healthcare Professional

Pound Ridge, NY — Tracy Shevell, MD, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Healthcare Professional for her excellence in Maternal-Fetal Medicine and in acknowledgment of her founding Blue Moon Perinatal, created to support women along their journey from pre-pregnancy through postpartum.

A fellowship-trained Perinatologist with 20 years of experience, Dr. Shevell focuses on high-risk pregnancies, ensuring safe and healthy outcomes for mothers and babies. Before founding Blue Moon Perinatal in 2021, Dr. Shevell served for 18 years as an attending Perinatologist and Director of Perinatal Ultrasound at Stamford Hospital.

In pursuit of her career in medicine, Dr. Shevell earned her Medical Degree with Honors in 1997 from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center. She completed a Fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine in 2004 at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City.

Dr. Shevell began Blue Moon Perinatal in 2021 to help reach more high-risk pregnant women and provide additional support throughout their journey into motherhood. Her medical practice is online-based, allowing her to see patients from the comfort of their own homes. She offers evening and weekend appointments for added convenience to patients.

A passionate and dedicated physician, Dr. Shevell strives to facilitate more open and effective communication between expectant mothers facing high-risk pregnancies and their obstetricians. She shares, “I spent my career tirelessly working in my community’s hospital and developed a keen interest in maternal mental health care. Our system, though, has clearly become one where we need to do better for women in their reproductive years.”

With Blue Moon Perinatal, Dr. Shevell utilizes her decades of experience to provide an alternative to the current obstetric system. She acts as liaison, confidant, and coach for women experiencing difficulty with all stages of pregnancy, including fertility, pregnancy risks, complications, diagnoses, or those facing mental health struggles alongside motherhood. She explains that her goal is to create a safe haven for those needing extra care outside of their medical provider. Looking toward the future, she wishes to continue serving as a mentor to other physicians in maternal-fetal medicine and further grow her practice. 

Dr. Shevell enjoys spending time with her children, one of whom is in college and one of whom is an avid equestrian. She also enjoys music and her beloved yellow lab, Sunny. She is also passionate about integrating holistic practice into all areas of her life.

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