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Virginia D. Winn-Cooper, MSW-LCSW

Cleveland, TN — Virginia D. Winn-Cooper, MSW-LCSW, is recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Distinguished Professional in the field of Social Work and acknowledgment of her unwavering devotion with Purposeful Mental Health.

Licensed Social Worker Virginia D. Winn-Cooper has led an impressive career having accrued 28 years of vast knowledge and professional experience specializing in Geriatrics, Alzheimer’s, dialysis, PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief, and geriatric care management. Additionally, she has gained valuable experience in home healthcare for 20 years. At Purposeful Mental Health, Ms. Winn-Cooper has devoted the past two years providing comfortable spaces for individuals and couples seeking a qualified therapist. She is renowned for her outstanding contributions to her field and is the recipient of the Leadership Award in 2002. Throughout her long-standing career, Ms. Winn-Cooper attributes her success to valuable life and professional experiences, wisdom, compassions authenticity, and reassuring to her patients that she cares.

Ms. Winn-Cooper’s acclaimed career began in 1997 after she obtained a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Barry University. Prior to obtaining her degree, she graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work in1973. She is a certified Alzheimer’s Trainer. A frontrunner in her field, Ms. Winn-Cooper stays up-to-date with the latest developments in her field. She is an active member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Civically, she is devoted to supporting Alzheimer’s and donates to the American Cancer Society.

In her spare time, Ms. Winn-Cooper enjoys traveling, reading, and swimming.

Ms. Winn-Cooper dedicates her success and this recognition to her mentors Rona Bartelstone, LCSW, and Florence Bayot, LCSW.

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