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Vivek Gondikar — CEO for GFM, LLC.

Rochester, MI — Vivek Gondikar, CEO, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Chief Executive Officer for his professional excellence and in acknowledgment of his work with GFM, LLC.

As the Chief Executive Officer of GFM, LLC, Mr. Gondikar specializes in automotive manufacturing, operations, and problem-solving. He has nine years of experience in his current position and over 20 years of expertise in his field. GFM, LLC is a Michigan-based company specializing in precision metal stampings for motor vehicle manufacturing.

Before embarking on his professional career, Mr. Gondikar attended Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, for his Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering, which he completed in 2001.

Among his professional memberships and affiliations, Mr. Gondikar is a member of the Automotive Society of Mechanical Engineering.

Looking to the future, Mr.Gondikar hopes to continue growing his company, connect with similar industries by networking, and expand his knowledge. He attributes his success to determination, prioritizing, and remaining focused.

In his free time, Mr. Gondikar enjoys hiking and trekking. He donates and volunteers to SEWA International, his local Indian temple and churches, and children’s STEM educational programs.

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