Wael Hassanein — Anesthesiologist

Pottsdale, PA— Wael Hassanein is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Most Trusted Healthcare Provider for his contributions to the Medical Field.

Dr. Hassanein received an MBBS from Ein Champs University, Faculty of Medicine in Cairo, Egypt. He completed a residency and fellowship in cardiac anesthesia at Hahnemann Medical Center (Allegheny University).

Dr. Hassanein is a board-certified anesthesiologist and serves as the Chief of Anesthesia, overseeing all patient care. He notes that he has an extensive experience in cardiac anesthesia and that he works with each patient as an individual to provide the best outcomes for his patients.

According to Dr. Hassanein, his job is to ensure the safety of patients who are about to undergo surgery. He asserts that anesthesia is the practice of taking patients through a difficult time of having surgery and ensuring their safety by customizing a plan for each patient based on their health issues and kind of surgery. Dr. Hassanein has had advanced training in cardiac anesthesia which involves being unconscious (asleep or sedated) and pain-free both during and after surgery, which may or may not involve regional anesthesia.

He is a member of the American Medical Association; Pennsylvania Society of Anesthesiologists; and American Society of Anesthesia. During the Covid pandemic, Dr Hassanein volunteered his time with local high schools and middle schools, administering vaccines to the students. His mentor is Willi Hardy, Jr, MD.

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