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Walter E. Ahlisch – Distinguished Leader

Edmonton, AB — Walter E. Ahlisch is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Leader in the field of Manufacturing and acknowledgment of his professional excellence as President of W.A. Goods Co. Ltd.

Situated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, W.A. Goods Co. Ltd is a manufacturing company specializing in woodwork machinery, engineering, and utilities. Walter E. Ahlisch has proudly served as its President for nearly 30 years demonstrating the highest level of professionalism, leadership, and integrity. Throughout his extensive career, he has accrued 35 years of professional excellence with expertise in engineering, interfacing with utility companies, and prototype design. He takes pride in his experiences with designing and manufacturing parts for the utility industry. Bilingual in German and English, he attributes his success to offering quality services in those languages.

To prepare for his career, Mr. Ahlisch graduated from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology where he obtained his Associate Degree in Drafting and Mechanical Design in 1977.In his spare time, Mr. Ahlisch enjoys reading.

Mr. Ahlisch dedicates this recognition in the loving memory of his Father and Mentor, Werner Ahlisch.

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