William Cole Jr., Do, FAASP – Regenerative Medicine Expert

Sarasota, FL— Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, William Cole is acknowledged as a Pinnacle Lifetime Member for his contributions to the Medical field.

Dr. William Cole, a distinguished figure in the field of Regenerative Medicine, has dedicated his medical career to improving lives by reducing pain and enhancing function without resorting to unnecessary drugs or surgeries. As the President, Founder, and CEO of RegenaMed.US®, OrthoMed® Pain & Sports Medicine, The kNOwPAIN Institute & Foundation®, and the creator of Dr. Mary Jane® Medical-Grade CBD, Dr. Cole has been at the forefront of groundbreaking medical advancements.

Dr. Cole’s journey in medicine took an unexpected turn after a life-threatening motor vehicle accident left him unable to use his hands. He underwent a series of surgeries and eventually shifted his career path from orthopedic surgery to physical medicine and rehabilitation. This pivotal moment inspired his commitment to regenerative and interventional pain medicine.

With almost two decades of experience, Dr. Cole has built a successful multi-location Regenerative and Orthopedic Medicine group that serves clients locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. He has performed over 60,000 procedures throughout his career, offering customized traditional and regenerative treatments that result in exceptional outcomes and positively change lives.

Dr. Cole’s dedication to his field is exemplified by his dual board certification in Regenerative Medicine and Interventional Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R). He is one of only five individuals globally to hold this double board certification. His extensive training and commitment to mastering minimally invasive interventional procedures set him apart in the field.

Dr. Cole’s vision for the future involves pioneering and trailblazing in the field of medicine. He is dedicated to advancing patient care and improving the quality of life through innovative treatments and interventions. His mission is to provide patients with alternatives to surgery and narcotics while promoting overall well-being.

Dr. Cole and his wife, Dr. Liliana Cole, actively contribute to their Florida community through The kNOwPAIN Foundation®. This foundation assists patients in the diagnosis and treatment of severe or chronic illnesses, ensuring access to quality healthcare for those in need.

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