Brian R. Chisdak, MD, DMD – Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Bozeman, MT— Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Brian R. Chisdak, MD, DMD is acknowledged as a Pinnacle Lifetime Member for his contributions to Oral Surgery.

Brian R. Chisdak, a distinguished figure in the local dental community, reaffirms his dedication to delivering exceptional patient care and improving lives through his expertise in oral surgery.

With a Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University, a Dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Medical degree from the University of Nebraska, Brian R. Chisdak brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to his practice. Board-certified in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, he specializes in trauma, sleep apnea, implants, and oral surgery, offering comprehensive care to his patients.

Mr. Chisdak’s commitment to excellence is evident through his affiliations with prestigious organizations such as AACS, AMS, and ICD. Armed with certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, he ensures the highest standards of safety and care for his patients.

Beyond his professional achievements, Mr. Chisdak finds fulfillment in helping patients and improving their lives, embodying his philosophy of treating people the way they want to be treated. He credits his mentors, including his father, Dr. Robert Chisdak, and the late Dr. Nicholas Prusack, for instilling in him the values of compassion and dedication to patient well-being.

Outside of his practice, Mr. Chisdak enjoys skiing, traveling, and spending time outdoors with his family. He expresses gratitude to his dear wife and children for their unwavering love and support throughout his career.

Looking ahead, Brian R. Chisdak remains committed to providing continuous great care to his patients, ensuring their well-being and satisfaction.

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