Andrew Horne-Cooper – CEO, VP, Strategy and Business Integration

Riverview, FL – Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Andrew Horne-Cooper, is acknowledged as an Inner Circle Platinum Lifetime for his contributions to the Maritime Intelligence and Business Consulting field.

Andrew Horne-Cooper, an esteemed professional in the fields of maritime intelligence, security, and business consulting, has been making significant contributions to the industry. Serving as the CEO of a prominent maritime company specializing in Intelligence and Strategy Services, he also operates his own business, EREVU Business Consulting, providing expert guidance to C-Suite executives.

In his capacity as CEO, Andrew Horne-Cooper plays a pivotal role in defining strategic goals, overseeing development, and executing crucial initiatives for a maritime company specializing in Intelligence and Strategy Services. This company caters to the U.S. Coast Guard, a vital component of the Department of Homeland Security, as well as similar organizations around the globe. His leadership and expertise are instrumental in providing vital intelligence and strategic solutions for the protection of maritime interests.

Beyond his role as CEO, Andrew Horne-Cooper operates EREVU Business Consulting, where he offers his wealth of knowledge in security and business consulting to C-Suite executives. His extensive experience and insights are invaluable for leaders seeking to navigate complex challenges and make informed decisions in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Mr. Horne-Cooper’s educational background includes studies in Political Science at The University of Maryland at College Park, laying the foundation for his career in strategy, security, and consulting.

He holds the prestigious PMI (Project Management Institute) certification, highlighting his expertise in project management. In addition, Andrew Horne-Cooper has received commendations from the Navy, including The Security Achievement Medal Award, recognizing his exceptional achievements in the realms of security and military service.

Mr. Horne-Cooper’s influence extends internationally, as he collaborates with organizations and agencies across borders. His commitment to excellence is reflected in his diverse work history, which includes serving at the White House and a dedicated period of service in the Army.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Andrew Horne-Cooper is an avid singles tennis player, showcasing his passion for sports and physical activity since 1979.

Looking ahead, Mr. Horne-Cooper has ambitious goals for the future. He envisions expanding and growing his own business, EREVU Business Consulting, over the next three to five years, demonstrating his dedication to entrepreneurial endeavors and the continued development of his business acumen.

Andrew Horne-Cooper’s remarkable journey in maritime intelligence, security, and business consulting serves as an inspiration to professionals in these fields. His dedication to providing exceptional services and his commitment to ongoing growth and development underscore his leadership in the industry.

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