Christina Arredondo, MD, MPH, FAPA – Psychiatrist

Tucson, AZ— Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Christina Arredondo, MD, MPH, FAPA is acknowledged as a Pinnacle Lifetime Member for her contributions for being a Leading Advocate for Mental Health and Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Christina Arredondo, a distinguished psychiatrist, is making significant strides in the field of mental health and addiction medicine. With a focus on community care and program development, Dr. Arredondo serves as the medical director at El Rio Community Health in Tucson, Arizona, where she is dedicated to improving access to quality mental health services.

Dr. Arredondo’s expertise spans addiction psychiatry, community psychiatry, and public health capacity building. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Carlton College and her Doctor of Medicine (MD) from the University of Washington, School of Medicine. Dr. Arredondo completed her psychiatric residency and fellowship in community psychiatry at Yale University, followed by a Master of Public Health (MPH) in Epidemiology from Harvard Chan School of Public Health.

As a certified specialist in Community Psychiatry, Dr. Arredondo is committed to addressing the unique needs of diverse populations, with a particular focus on the Hispanic community, transgender medicine, and addiction medicine. With empathy and compassion, she provides individualized treatment plans for each patient, ensuring comprehensive care and referral to other physicians when necessary.

Dr. Arredondo is affiliated with esteemed organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association, American Association of Community Psychiatry, American Public Health Association, American Society of Addiction Medicine, and Pima County Medical Society. She actively supports several charitable groups with donations, reflecting her dedication to community service.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Dr. Arredondo enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and indulging in music and home dance parties. As a mother of three young daughters, she is deeply committed to creating a better future for the next generation.

Looking ahead, Dr. Arredondo is determined to continue her involvement in community groups focused on improving public health services and capacity building in Arizona. Her unwavering dedication to mental health advocacy and addiction medicine continues to positively impact countless lives in the Tucson community and beyond.

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